10 Simple and easy ways to appear confident: When You’re Really Not


Confidence comes from not always being right, but from not fearing to be wrong.

I noticed that confident people, always get what they need faster than low self-esteem people because they always have the courage to go after whatever they want, no matter the circumstance. That is why confident is very important in everything you do.

Here are my 10 easy ways for you to modify your body language to project a more confident image so that you always appear self-assured, relaxed and in control.

1. Stand up straight

keeping your back straight, your shoulders back and your head held high displays status, power and that you are in control of your life.

2. Keep your chin and head up

Whether you are standing in a crowd or walking down a street, always keep your head up and your eyes looking straight ahead.

3. keep hands out of pockets

keeping your hands visible indicates you feel confident in yourself, your current situation and ready to handle anything.

4. Gesture with palms upwards

Gesturing with your palms facing up will make you appear more confident as it gives the impression of honesty and trustworthiness.

5. Don’t Fidget

Fidgeting is a clear sign of nervousness, worry or anxiety and most of us fidget with even realizing it.

6. Maintain eye contact

Good eye contact is probably the most important technique to practice if you wish to appear calm, honest, friendly and confident.

7. Stand in an open stance

Standing with your feet too close together can give the impression that you are timid. Aim to have your feet in line with your shoulders.

8. Smile

Smiling has a powerful effect, a genuine smile communicates that you are friendly, honest and trustworthy and makes you more attractive.

9. Develop a firm handshake

A firm, solid handshake can give you an immediate impression of confidence while a limp handshake can communicate weakness.

10 Take big steps

Take long purposeful steps, rather than short, quick or hurried steps. A slower, deliberate walk will make you appear confident and in control of your life.

Always remember that if you have confidence, you will be courageous to go after whatever you want in life. My dreams start manufacturing as soon as start chasing after my goals with confidence.

You just have to become fearless, know that whatever is meant to be will surely be, that is my belief. With this few tips, you will be able to boost your confidence and leave the life you want to live.

Credit to seffsaid.com for inspiring this post. And also to personaldevelopmentmaster.com for the picture quote.

Note: Due to a lot of psychological reason, sometimes I do repost any resources that I find inspiring and helpful at the moment. So, I always try my best to give credit to the source, I was able to find. Therefore, you can mail me for proper credit or remover.

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