10 Things to Master and Become Totally Motivated

I am so grateful for the grace to see a new page in my life.

I will for ever be grateful for the little light of mine, that the Lord had made to shine.

Here in this post, I want to share some tips that have help me to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions and remain motivated.

#1. Acceptance

Simply acknowledge your thoughts, emotions and your life for what they are as they are. Self acceptance is very important in achieving success in life.

#2. Stay calm

Pay attention to your emotions and learn to tolerate uncomfortable feelings.

#3. Be Authentic.

Be true to yourself. Express what you feel and what you want and ask for help when needed.

#4. Be Realistic

Bad things can happen to you. Prepare for them and don’t let the crisis steal your calm.

#5. Trust in You

Believe in yourself and be optimistic about your own abilities.

#6. Improve

Stay creative and improvise in crisis. See the opportunities and be flexible.

#7. Gratitude

Focus on what you have and don’t ruminate about what you’ve lost.

#8 Work hard

Take responsibility for your life and work hard, but don’t forget to ask for help when needed.

#9. Find purpose

Look for a way to utilize yourself as best as you can. Combine what you enjoy with serving others.

#10 Support

Have at least one person who cheers you on and whom you can turn to in a crisis.

If you master this habit, you will always be motivated to go after what ever you want to achieve.

I give credit to all the source of this article.

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