15 Motivational Blog that Left an Imprint in My Life


What is motivation?

Businessdictionary.com define motivation as the Internal and external factors that stimulate desire and energy in people to be continually interested and committed to a job, role or subject, or to make an effort to attain a goal.

It is the combination of internal and external factors that inspire you to take action, is what I know as motivation. It might be just a piece of artwork, a music or a writing words, just anything that will lift up your spirit.

So therefore, here are the 15 motivational blogs that have left an imprint on my life, that can change your life too.

  1. Stevepalvlina.com
    by Steve Palvina

This blog is the first and still the best personal development blog in the world. It my favorite blog because of the genuine interest Steve Palvina have for sharing everything he knows, in other to help others grow consciously. Anytime, I read any of his words, I gain more clarity about life.

  1. pickthebrain.com
    by Erin Falconer

One outstanding quality about pickthebrain that I love so much is the openness of the blog. I love the way at which you can easily get your voice to be heard, all over the World Wide Web with just a single guest post.

This kind of blog always gives a motivational writer like me hope, because I know i can quickly pass my message out to a new audience.

  1. lifeoptimizer.org
    by Donald Latumahina

This blog will teach you how to optimize yourself.

  1. naijapreneur.com                    By Tito Philip

I enjoy the entrepreneur advice he give out weekly. This has really help me to improve my business skills. If you want to have a good entrepreneur mindset, then this blog is what you should visit continueouly.

  1. Copybloger.com

by Brain Clark

This blog really help me to improve my writing skills. I so much love the powerful content marketing strategy they desh out. This is what help me to build remarkable online presence.

  1. writetodone.com

By Mary Jaksch

This site really help me to become a confident writer. The great writing advice she always share, will help to become a better writer.

  1. smartpassiveincome.com

By Pat Flynn

Just as how the name of the blog goes… smart passive income, that is what the blog will teach you. Pat always share his experience from building passive income, to motivate you.

  1. problogger.com

By Darren Rowse

For years now, problogger is my favorite site anytime I want the latest blogging trends, design and how to grow my blog.

  1. writersincharge.com

By Onibaniso Bamidele

If there is one guestpost writer I respect so much, Oni, is the one. This is because, I admire how he was able to write so much post,  in just a little period of time.

His great advice on freelancing, is what I’m mentoring now.

  1. personalexcellence.co

By Celestine Chua

This blog has really help me become a better me and live my best life.

  1. stevenaitchison.co.uk

By Steven Aitchison

This blog change my thought, which change my life also. One of the outstanding fixtures of this blog is the way it will teach you, how to handle failure and fear in life.

  1. tinybuddha.com

By Lori Deschene

I really love the simple wisdom, from complex lives advice, this site gives out. It always help me to be mindfulness and understand that it the present moment that really count.

  1. firepolemarketing.com

By Danny Iny

This blog leaves an imprint in my mind, because of the way it thought me how to get connected to a target market.

This blog will help you to know how to engage your prospect and also make you see ways to inspire your audience effectively.

  1. makealivingwriting.com

By Carol Tice

I really love the practical advice this blog gives out to hungry writers, who want to write and get paid just like me. If you are looking for the easiest and best way to make money online as a freelance writer, then consult this blog.

  1. ZenHabits.com

By Leo Babauta

The simplicity of zenhabit is what make me love the blog. This site will teach you how to do less and achieve more. It will also help you create good habit and drop bad habit, which will clear all the clutterus in my life.

P.S: Always remember that this is the age of Reading and reflecting!



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