38 Questions to Create Clarity of Purpose

Clarity of purpose

‘Clarity has purpose and strength and brings with it the undeniable ability to move forthwith into our chose direction.’


Welcome back,  to part 4 of my 5-part series about finding purpose in life.


My Friend, hope you had been going along with the series of my articles about finding real life purpose. I want to let you know that, my commitment is to help you grow consciously, just as I grow too, by sharing series of my life experiences, for you to learn from me.


I will always sharing motivational materials that will inspire you to be the best you can ever be in life, by using my true life story as  primary example, about how I was able to achieve something from nothing, which makes me become a success boy in life.


If you want to achieve success at anything you do in life, you most first of all know the purpose why you want to achieve it. Once the purpose is known to you, then you can figure out how to go able achieving it.


Therefore, through series of my research online about how to find your purpose and passion in life, here are the top questions to ask yourself, for you to gain more clarity into your purpose and passion in life.


  1. How do you want to be remembered in life?
  2. What piece of advice would you give to five year old you?
  3. Let’s jump forward a year, what would you liked to have achieved in the past year?
  4. What area of life, right now, makes you feel the best? Which are makes you feel the worst? Why?
  5. Pretend money is no object. What would you do?
  6. What do you wish you did more of?
  7. What excites you?
  8. What do you love to do for, or give to others (not an object – something from you personally)?
  9. If you could make one change in the world, what would it be?
  10. What is your favorite book/movie/song? Why?
  11. What does your ideal day look like?
  12. What did you want to be when you were younger?
  13. Who are you most inspired by? Why?
  14. Who would you love to meet? What would you ask?
  15. What habit would you most like to break? What habit would you most like to start?
  16. Think of a person you truly admire. What qualities do you like about that person?
  17. How do you like to relax?
  18. When was the last time you did something you were afraid of?
  19. What are you most proud of?
  20. What are you most afraid of?
  21. If life stopped today, what would you regret not doing?
  22. Who would you like to connect (or reconnect) with? why?
  23. What qualities do you admire in others?
  24. What practical skills do you wish you had?
  25. Imagine you’re in your 90’s what memories would you like to have? what stories do you want to tell.?
  26. What am I grateful for? List, at least 10 things.
  27. What do i love about myself?
  28. What are my priorities at the moment?
  29. If could i share one message with the world, what would it be?
  30. If i have all the time in the world, what will i want to do first.
  31. What makes me come alive? when was the last time i felt truly alive?
  32. What/who inspires me the most? why i drawn to those inspirations?
  33. What are my strengths? what am i really good at?
  34. What is something I’ve always wanted to do but was too scared?
  35. What is something i will love to learn?
  36. What hobbies would i like to try?
  37. When have i done something that I thought I couldn’t do?
  38. At the end of my life, what do i want my legacy to be?



I’m a strong believer of, ‘clarity of purpose’ because, if the purpose of why you want a thing is not clear to you, there will be no way for you to achieve it. Even if you eventual have it, you will end up abusing it.


For this reason, take you time and answer this questions. Then you will gain better clarity into your purpose and passion in life.


This is part 4, of my 5-parts series about finding purpose in life.


While the last part of the series is about Living in Alignment with Your Purpose.

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