5 Tips to Stay Focus on Yourself and Motivated

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Prayer for when you need focus

Dear heavenly Lord,

Life seems so complicated.

I don’t know where to start.

Too much to do,

so much pain and need.

Won’t you show me the way?

Help me accept my limitations.

Only you are all present and

All powerful.

Show me that even when it appears

All is lost; your Spirit is at work.

It all depends on you.

On your timing and your will.

Reveal to me Lord my small part.

Even if the world itself burns down All around me.

Rise up Almighty Lord, rise up!

Set my sight straight.

Focus my thoughts and my actions

So that I may be useful to you.

Let me be an instrument of mercy.

Help me trust all things are in your hands.

Break the chains, oh Lord!

Free the captives.

Heal our wounds.

Heal our history.

We need you, Lord. I need you.

Set me to the task.

Let me have a clear and simple mind.

And may Christ’s glory shine through.

In Jesus name,



By: prayerforanxiety.com


I want you to know that you are a personal brand, just like Facebook, Coca-Cola, Michael Jackson etc. That is why you need to always stay focus and motivated, for you to bring out the best in you from within.


Where the focus goes, that is where your energy goes. Therefore, you have to remain focus on what you want, before you can successfully achieve it.


Here in this article, I want to share with you the ultimate tips for you to focus on yourself and achieve what you want.


These process I’m sharing with you is called different names, some call it yoga, meditation, oneness, consciousness etc.


As far as I consign, this method is the best way I always used to re-focus myself back on track again, and it has been tested and proven by so many people.


  1. Set down quietly

Get yourself to be in a comfortable opposition. Then, balance yourself. So that you can be able to quiet your mind.


  1. Quiet your mind

Make sure you clear all the thought in your mind. The only way to quiet your mind is to close your eye and relax all your muscles. Make sure you become thoughtless.


  1. Focus on one thought

When your mind had been quiet, then one thought will hop into your mind. The thought that hop into your mind is what you should focus and dwell on.  Put the one thought on top of your mind.


  1. Write out your thought

When the thought had been planted into your subconscious mind. All you need to bring the thought into reality is by writing it out. When you write, you are creating, which you have already done, 50% of the work.


  1. Manifest yourself

After focusing on a thought for so long, the thought will manifest naturally. You will just notice that you had grown to become the thought. Just by doing the necessary things, you have to do on your own part.


If you put this focus gaining tips to act, you will be able to find your purpose and stay focus on a project at hand until you achieve success.


Pick one project and focus on it, until you achieve it and then go to the next one.


Avoid multitasking today.



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