Hello! My name is Samuel Ogundiya (call me Samdiya please), whenever you see me, see motivation. The reason is because I’m a motivational speaker and writer. If you want to uplift your soul and get some inspiration, you are at the right place!

Samdiya has every resource you need to get motivated to achieve your full potential!

Right now, Samdiya is becoming the leading motivational speaker and writer in history.

My mission is “To motivate someone to succeed in life.

One thing I want you to know is that, you can be who you want to be. I’m a living witness.


About Me

I’m a Nigeria full breed. I grew up in Lagos state, where don’t normally take nonsense. After failing many time in school, I was able to pass through OND level. Presently, I’m doing my HND at Yabatech, where I’m studying Bio-chemistry.

Right from time, I used to have this high motivation in me to become great. The reason is because I’m a very poor boy and I don’t want to die poor. I want to become a success boy, so that I came use my story to motivation someone out there.

Constantly, I always search around on how to achieve success. Then, on the 1st of January 2010, I discover that the best, most effective way to achieve my dream- which is to become successful and use my success story as motivation for someone is through blogging. That’s way I create samdiya motivational blog.

Motivation speaker and writing is my full-time career, it’s what I plan to do till the day I die. But presently I’m still working with a security company.

My personal snippets…

    • My life purpose is “To motivate someone to succeed in life.
    • My values are Believe, Trust, Faith, hard work, Excellence, Honesty, Passion, and Courage. I value people and treating them with kindness and respect all the time.
    • Birth. 7 of May, 1988.
    • Statue. Single
  • Locality. Born and raised in Lagos state, Nigeria

My Articles

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