How I Become More Smarter: 5 ways to Increase your Intelligence

Increase your Intelligence


Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.
-Michael Jordan

My belief is that with God, all thing are possible. All you have to do is to use your brain. Everybody is intelligent, it all depends on how we use our brain.

Research had proof it that average human begin do not use up to 10 percent of their brain, while some always load their brain with more knowledge every day.

I understand very well that for me to become highly successful in life, I just have to be very intelligent. Because every successful people in the field of game, are always intelligent more than their opponent in one way or the other.

And, the best way I know to learn from the intelligent ones is by reading their books, that’s where they share most of their knowledge.

For this reason, I’m a big fan of books. I just love reading everything that comes my way, just to add more to my knowledge and increase my intelligence.

My favorite book of all time is the Holy Bible. But, one of the books that helps me to become more smarter in life is a book by Napoline Hill, title – Sucess Through A Positive mental attitude. There is a particular story in the book that always rings like an alarm system in my memory all the time. I will share the story with you in one of my next posts, which is about a small boy become successful through burning desire,  so watch out for it.

There are so many mental activities out there, that you can easily engage yourself to which will boost Your creativity and give you more brain power. You just have to channel your brain to the right direction that will increase your intelligence.

Here are some little activities that I find very interesting that will help you to increase your intelligence.

1. seek novelty

Seek out new activities, experience, and information. learn an instrument. Take an art class. Go to a museum. Learn a new subject. When you expose yourself to new things, you create new neural connections that build on each other and create an optimal environment for learning.


2. Challenge yourself

Efficiency hinders cognitive growth. As soon as you start to become proficient in a subject or activity, move on to the next one. Always be challenged by what you are doing. This keeps your brain constantly making new neural connections, creating an optimal environment for learning.


3. Think creatively

Engage both your left and right hemispheres. Think across a wide range of subjects. Make connections between remote ideas. Alternate between conventional and unconventional thinking. Look for unorthodox solutions.


4. Do things the hard way

Your brain needs exercise just like your body. Technology can weaken your cognitive abilities if relied on too much. Use your memory instead of GPS. Use your spelling skills instead of auto connect. Do the math in your head instead of reaching for the calculator.


5. Network

Exposing yourself to a variety of people gives you opportunities to see problems from a new perspective, or offer insights in a way that you hadn’t thought of before. This helps you to think in a new and different way.

I become smarter every day just by applying this tips. Then, I start seeing more positivity in everything I do. My mental intelligence becomes stronger.

If you want to Increase your Intelligence and become smarter like Samdiya aka. Successboy, who came from the downtown and gain a voice online, then try to apply this tips I shared with you in this post.

Then, you will become happier and intelligence In life.

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