Crucial Life Lesson: 30 things to know About life

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Happy Sunday, to you my friend.

Hope your week was nice because mine was so fantastic, really have a great time out. By, walking through the longest canopy walkway in Africa. Called Lekki conservation center. Located at Cheron Estate, Lekki-Lagos.

Today, I want to share some life lessons, that you have to always remember. This life lessons will help you to understand life better and be more careful about how you do your things.

If you notice in some of my recent posts, you will find out that I have been sharing some key point that will help you to achieve success in life.  The reason is that I want all my posts to be highly educative and also entertaining.

Therefore, credit to all of the source that my article is coming from. You can always email me for credit or remover. Thank you for your cooperations.

Here in the post, I want to share some crucial things you need to know about life.

30 Most Important Life Lessons

1. Remeber you will die
2. Exercise every day
3. To know what you think, write it down.
4. You end up being the average of the people you spend your life with.
5. Most people never ask for what they want.
6. Always take the stirs.
7. Put yourself in place that makes you nervous.
8. Talk it out.
9. Don’t be precious.
10. The greatest reflection of your priorities is your time.
11. Everything is mediocre.
12. It’s really, really hard to make something great.
13. Don’t get disheartened.
14. Perception is the reality.
15. Understand the value of time.
16. Self-control is a finite resource.
17. Run, whenever you are.
18. Listen to your body.
19. Control your inputs.
20. Everyone has a vice.
21. Listen.
22. Be genuinely curious.
23. Of all the life hacks, not drinking is the most impactful one.
24. Pay close attention to what you do when you’re alone.
25. Get outside.
26. never talk about how busy you are or how drunk you were.
27. Almost everything normalizes.
28. People care 10 percent as much as you think they do.
29. Ship something.
30. Have faith – your moment is coming.

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  1. Awesome article, Highly motivated. Your write ups are great and easy to understand.

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