Finding Purpose

On the quest for self discovery.


Do you want to find your purpose in life?


Do you want to discover and develop your potential?


Do you want to know what you really stand for?


Then, here is my 5-part series of articles that will help you finding and live in alignment with your purpose in life.


Part 1. 5 Signs you are not living Life on Purpose

In this  article, You will discover 5 signs that indicate you are not living your life based on your purpose and passion. This signs means you are just living for living seek, that you still have to go and find your purpose in life.


Part 2. 5 Steps for Finding Purpose in life

If you have not yet find your purpose in life, for you to bring out the best in you, so that you can shine so bright just like a diamond in the sky. Then follow the 5 steps for finding your purpose in life now.


Part 3. Why Earning money should not be your real purpose?

The reason why earning money, should never be your real purpose in life is because you will never make enough of money. You will keep looking for more, and the more you earn, the more expenses.


Part 4. 38 Questions to Create Clarity of Purpose

Through series of my research online about how to find your purpose and passion in life, here are the top questions to ask yourself, for you to gain more clarity into your purpose and passion in life.


Part 5. Living in Alignment with Your Purpose in Life

In this last part of my finding purpose series, you will find a guide that will help you to get yourself to be in alignment with your purpose, and then live a better life. 


Therefore, take your precious time to explore through this series of purpose finding articles. And then, discover yourself for you to develop your potential. And then, live to your maximum capability.


To your success,