Get Rid of Negative Feelings: 50 Ways to Stay Positive

Ways to Stay Positive

Just imagine, that you are driven on the high way, suddenly a big elephant crosses the road, what will you do?

What most people will do is to get panic and jump out of the car, without no direction. Who knows maybe their first move will be straight to the elephant mouth.

As for me, what I will suggest to you is that you should always learn to stay calm in every situation you find yourself in life, by first of all take a deep breath and then follow the first impose that pop out from your subconscious mind.

As you already know, sharing motivation resources is my favorite hobby. And, since I launch across the internet.

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Alright guys, what I do want you to know is that I will not disappoint you, because I will keep on trying my best to provide you with top motivational materials that will help you develop the physic to create success mindset.

Therefore, here in this post, I want to share with you Ways to Stay Positive in life.

50 Ways to Stay Positive

  1. Take a deep breath 
  2. Go for a walk or run
  3. Lift weights.
  4. Cook a healthy meal.
  5. Draw, paint, or create something
  6. Read a book or magazine.
  7. Write something.
  8. Start a blog or website.
  9. Listen to music.
  10. Go to a concert.
  11. Try hot yoga.
  12. Clean your house or apartment.
  13. Call a friend or family member.
  14. Meet up with friends or family
  15. Start a mood journal and write in it every day. Write down how you’re feeling, what thoughts you’re having, and what triggered the negative feeling. Over time see if you can notice patterns in what triggers your negative feelings.
  16. Take a break from your phone, computer, and social media. Do something by yourself without negative influences from the outside world.
  17. Write down all the things you’re thankful for.
  18. Write down all the things you love about yourself.
  19. Take time to think and understand how you’re feeling.
  20. Try to turn your negative thoughts into positive ones.
  21. Always visit to Stay Positive
  22. Read some inspirational quotes.
  23. Take a trip out of town to see something new. It could be for a day, a week, or however long you want.
  24. Take a nap.
  25. Let yourself cry if you need to.
  26. Get professional help if you need it.
  27. Learn to play a musical instrument.
  28. Teach yourself something new.
  29. Look at happy photos.
  30. Pray (if you’re religious).
  31. Write a nice letter to yourself.
  32. Do something kind for someone else.
  33. Watch your favorite movie or TV show
  34. Watch funny videos on the internet.
  35. Forgive yourself if you’ve made a mistake.
  36. Take a bubble bath.
  37. Paint your nails a new color.
  38. Do your makeup.
  39. Volunteer for a cause you are passionate about.
  40. Take up a new hobby.
  41. Go to an art gallery and study the artwork.
  42. Go through your old things and donate them to Goodwill.
  43. Go shopping and treat yourself to something nice (within reason).
  44. Write down your negative thoughts and then tear up or burn the paper.
  45. Play with a pet.
  46. Practice mindfulness.
  47. Repeat positive affirmations to yourself.
  48. Remind yourself that you are a beautiful person who is worthy of happiness and love.
  49. Remind yourself that negative feelings are only temporary.
  50. Make your own list of ways to help you deal with negative feelings.

I really hope that this Ways to Stay Positive, I share with you in this post will help you get on top of your game in life. 

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