How to Be The Best In Life

How to be the best

Nothing is new under the sun again.

Everything we are experiencing now has already be done before. we are just re-branding old things.

Or let me say we are just re-experiencing things that has happen before in History.

That is to say, there is nothing you want to be that someone else hasn’t be before. or there is nothing you want to do that someone else hasn’t done before. And there’s nothing you are passing through in life that someone else, somewhere and somehow hasn’t pass through before in one way or the other. So don’t just think that it is only you they create this life for.

How to Be The Best in Life

To be the best in anything you do in life, you have to discipline yourself to always do the right thing at the right time. And decide that today will be the best day of your life.

If you can be disciple enough to always make sure you do what it right at the right moment, by letting the time for play be for play and the time for work be for work, then you will surely be the best in anything you do in life.

I come to understand that the very moment we are in right now, is what really matters the most in our life, first through this picture quote below. And secondly, through series of life experiences I’d in the past.

How to be the best.

How to be the best.

The moment we are in right now is what really matters.

Just live for the moment, and do what is right, then you will become the best in what ever you do.

Try to experience what you want at the moment because right now is all that you can control.

You can’t change the pass. Neither can you see the future.

You should always live for the moment. because right now is what you have at hand.

This moment is the only time you can choice from what is right or wrong, for you to do.

How to be the best in one word.

Just follow your bliss is the only way to be the best you can ever be. Period.

There is nothing you can’t be in life. If only you believe in yourself and do the right things at the right time, then you will surely be the best you can ever be.


Always remember that your future is create by what you do today (right now). Not Tomorrow.

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  1. Hey! Sam, you are quite an asset. i really love this post. reading this piece kind of reminds me of what a writer said that all we have is now — both the present and future, and the past is only memories we create. She was just talking about not being held back by our past mistakes. Your awesome write just brought it back as a reminder too. Thanks a whole lot. You’re the best. nice blog. keep inspiring and in years to come, we’ll be up in space having a toast on how we achieved world dominance.
    much love, George.

    • Wow, this is the best comment I’ve received so far in my history of blogging.
      Thanks so much George, you make me feel like being heard all over the world. This inspire me more to continue writing more great content like this.
      Looking forward to have a toast with you in space.
      But, always remember that it’s the moment that count.


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