How to Stay Focus on a Project

Always stay focus

I become more productive, when I start focusing on one project at a time. Staying focus is what really turn my life around, which helping me to live my dream lifestyle.

So therefore, here are the 3  basic tips that help me stay focus on a project.

1.Understand the reason why you have to get the project done.

The knowledge of why you want something, will helps you to find the reason why, you  have to stay focus until you achieve your aim.

Know why I want to become successful is the primary motivation behind me staying awake all through the night, for me to do the necessary thing that will make my dream become to reality.

2. Write a to-do list

Having a To-do list, will gives you a sense of direction, on what to do at the right time, in order to achieve your dream.

I like using sticky note to write my to-do list, both on my laptop and in my day-to-day activities, because you can easily review to it, to check maybe you were able to achieve success.

3. Ignore any distraction That is not on your to-do list.

There are a lot of noise out there that can distract you and make you loss focus. Such as Social media site like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other technology devices that eat away your time.

If you eliminate everything that is not on your to do list, you will find it easy to stay focus on the project at hand.

That is why I will like to leave you with this quote from Tony Robbins.




  1. Amazing Brov.. but a whole lot of work still need to be done…

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