Personal Branding: 10 Steps toward a new Professional You

Personal Branding

Happy new month, and it my birthday month. I am so grateful for the new phase of life that unfolds to me.

Today in this post, I want to share some Personal Branding tips with you. This tips will help you become more professional in whatever you do online.

These tips are a snapshot of ideas from a new book by Mel Carson, Founder and Principal Strategist at Delightful communications.


10 Steps toward a new Professional You


1. Get a professional headshot

Your new professional image starts with an image. Squinching, smiling and dressing sharply make you more competent, likable and influential.

2. Be Discoverable online

Someone somewhere will be searching for you at some point in your career. Use your real name on the internet and optimize your social media profile for discovery.

3. Have a professional purpose

What gets you out of bed in the morning? What helps you be better at what you do? A professional purpose is way more than a paycheck.

4. Learn to listen and practice empathy

To have a well-rounded personal brand, you need to strike the balance between what you know and what you have yet to learn and understand.

5. Practice writing

Think before you jot down and share your thoughts online and hone your writing skills over time.

6. Re-engineer your digital presence

Keep all your social profile up to date and add a social channel.

7. Analyze your competitors

Make time to understand what other people in your niche are doing, saying and how successful they are.

8. Craft your personal branding statement

Include your audience, mission, Value, and avoid using buzzwords!

9. Embrace and expand your experience

We all have great experience and stories. Start weaving a professional narrative completely.

10. Be social by design

Use social media tactics to boost discoverability, speaking engagements, in-person interaction, and more.

Therefore, these tips will help you build a good personal brand online that people will always seek after for consultation.

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