What’s your Definition of Success


What’s your definition of success?

What did success mean to you?

According to Google, success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

It is as simple as that.

Once you are able to acheive any of your aim or purpose, it means you are a successful person.


The mistakes majority of people always make is to used other people definition of success to define their own.

Using other people definition of success make you to work in terms of other people light. This is what makes some people get frustrated and end up not to achieve anything tangible in life.

Success mean different thing to different people.

To me, success might mean having billions of Naira in my bank account. While to you it might means have millions.

So you see that what success mean to me is different from what it means to you. That is the main reason why you should not use other people definition of success to define yours.

My definition of success

Success to me simply means to achieve my heart desire.

Whenever I achieved anything I wanted in life, then I feel and see myself as a successful boy. It may be just a little thing I desire, such as getting a good job, gaining admission to school or finishing a project (e.g fixing my car by myself)


Anything you ever do dream of, if you successful get it, then you are a successful person.

It not until you attain the statue of Bill Gates or Aliko Dangote before you can see yourself as a successful individual.

I called myself #Successboy because of me achieving my desire with is to become a motivational writer and write to inspire you to succeed which is what am doing right now.

What’s your definition of success?

It the definition you gave to success that will help you determine maybe you had achieved success or not.

Remember that you can only feel success, you can’t see it.

If you did not give success a true meaning of yours, how will you tell or feel successful deep inside you.

For the reason, pick up a pen and a paper and give success a definition of your own right now.



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